Finest Royalty Free Music for your project

Background music for example in a video or corporate film is very important and has a strong influence on the advertising effectiveness.

You often see product videos or commercials which look really great – but the music and sound are bad with the result that the whole production seems inferior.

To avoid this, you should always choose high quality background music which is perfectly suitable for your project.

Disconauts Music Production offers professional royalty free music for advertising, corporate films, videos, webspots, websites, youtube, games, apps and much more.

For royalty free music (also known as stock music) you only have to pay a one-time fee. There aren’t any royalties that have to be paid later on, i.e. for using the music on TV, commercials or for mechanical reproductions.

So you don’t have to waste time with filling “cue sheets” and you save money, because royalty-free music most of the time is much cheaper than the use of non-royalty-free music.

For each usage there’s a special license you can buy, e.g. using the music for your website or for a commercial spot on televison